Menders: Love & Leadership in Healthcare

10. Ask for feedback to disrupt turnover with Dr. Nicola De Paul

June 12, 2022 Dr. Nicola De Paul Season 1 Episode 10
Menders: Love & Leadership in Healthcare
10. Ask for feedback to disrupt turnover with Dr. Nicola De Paul
Show Notes

In this special solo episode, I talk about how healthcare leaders can use local well-being surveys to respond to the crisis of clinician burnout and turnover in our healthcare system.

It is fabulous that many healthcare organizations are tuning in to the challenges that clinicians are experiencing related to systemic burnout and systemic causes of turnover. But recognizing that there is a problem is not sufficient and sometimes leaders lack clarity about what their clinical employees need and how to respond.

Taking the time to use a simple tool such as a well-being survey can help healthcare leaders make significant progress toward identifying and addressing their employees’ needs for systemic support.

And, as always, thank you for listening!

Additional Resources:

Organizational Support

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Physician Burnout

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Program Evaluation & Study Design

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Wellness Programs

Michelle Barton - Stop framing wellness programs around self-care -

Leadership Strategy Session:

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