Menders: Love & Leadership in Health Systems

18. Honoring our internal value and exploring healthcare offramps with Dr. Cindy Rubin

August 08, 2022 Dr. Nicola De Paul Season 1 Episode 18
Menders: Love & Leadership in Health Systems
18. Honoring our internal value and exploring healthcare offramps with Dr. Cindy Rubin
Show Notes

Dr. Cindy Rubin is a pediatrician and breastfeeding medicine specialist who decided to transition out of the healthcare system and chart her own path.

In Menders episode 18, Dr. Cindy Rubin shares her story of taking a leap of faith from the traditional healthcare system into her own practice as a direct primary care pediatrician. 

For Cindy, making this transition allowed her to create a fulfilling work life where she is able to structure her patient interactions so that she has plenty of time for healing interactions with her patients and still makes it home for dinner every night. 

And perhaps most important of all, taking this leap of faith has challenged her to take full ownership of her value as a human being in a healing profession. 

Listen to find out: 

  • How she went from missing dinner and bedtime with her family every night to creating a flexible schedule that allows her to attend her children’s school lunches and baseball games!
  • How she used a gutsy publication to connect with a community of like-minded physicians who applauded her as she brought light to the challenges in her health system! 
  • Why you need to connect with a community of like-minded clinicians and a simple way to find people who will champion your worth in your health system!

Here are some of my favorite quotable moments from this episode: 

  • “It was manageable and suddenly zero to 60, it was like I was exactly where I had been and I realized I can’t do this. I’d gotten a taste of what it could be like to be able to see fewer patients a day” 

-          Dr. Cindy Rubin 

“Something shifts when people take on a systemic level of responsibility and take on the system’s values. It’s important to me to question that….if we change our values and commit to changing our values, I believe things can happen differently!”

-          Me! (Dr. Nicola De Paul)

This episode will get you thinking, laughing, and motivated to reach out to your community of colleagues. 

It’s time to value ourselves. 

Additional Resources: 

 To connect with Dr. Cindy Rubin, find her at In-Touch Pediatrics & Lactation -

Cindy Rubin - "It's not me it's the system" -

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