Menders: Love & Leadership in Healthcare

20. Integrating well-being into medical education with Dr. Liz Dykhouse

August 22, 2022 Dr. Nicola De Paul Season 1 Episode 20
Menders: Love & Leadership in Healthcare
20. Integrating well-being into medical education with Dr. Liz Dykhouse
Show Notes

Menders episode 20 is gracing the airwaves! 

In this episode, Dr. Liz Dykhouse highlights the differences between wellness and well-being. She shares how she has integrated well-being into the core curriculum of her family medicine residency. And she provides a framework for how well-being naturally leads to systemic advocacy in healthcare. 

Liz and I reflect on strategies that allow clinical supervisors and healthcare leaders to foster a culture of safety in which learners become comfortable acknowledging their personal challenges and reaching out to their supervisors and community for support. 

Listen to find out: 

·         Why (& when) she trains her residents to move away from a problem-solving approach!

·         Why she believes that focusing on well-being now will create a sustainable foundation for long-term sustainability within our healthcare system. 

·         And how she balances her own workload to maximize meaning and promote her personal sustainability in healthcare and medical education. 

Here are a couple of my favorite quotable moments from this episode: 

“We have to live within the system to promote change.” 

-          Dr. Liz Dykhouse (Menders, episode 20)

“I felt better today but that didn’t solve the problems…I want [residents] to feel empowered to advocate for change…I also want them to know how to care for themselves individually!”

-          Dr. Liz Dykhouse (Menders, episode 20)

“The thing that I have found most helpful working within the system myself and working collaboratively with leaders in a variety of different settings within the traditional system is the willingness of leaders to have the [tough] conversation."

-          Me! (Dr. Nicola De Paul)

I hope this episode inspires you to consider what you can do to care for yourself in this moment and to take one tiny action to promote systemic transformation. 

Additional Resources:

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