Menders: Lead from Within with Dr. Nicola De Paul

26. Lead and innovate with your values with Dr. Dan Drozd

October 02, 2022 Dr. Nicola De Paul Season 1 Episode 26
Menders: Lead from Within with Dr. Nicola De Paul
26. Lead and innovate with your values with Dr. Dan Drozd
Show Notes

For Menders episode 26, I had the opportunity to explore values-based innovation and team leadership with Dr. Dan Drozd, the Chief Medical Officer of Picnic Health. 

In this episode, Dan shares his non-linear career journey from English major to software engineer, infectious disease physician, and now to CMO. And he shares the leadership lessons he’s learned along the way through coaching, self-reflection, and openness to feedback from his team. 

As a result of this intentionality, Dan has developed a framework for team leadership that maximizes shared decision-making and values-based empowerment. We explore how leading with values can impact both the leader and the team and creates space for everyone to operate at their highest level. 

Dan also reflects on some challenges of creating a sustainable work culture in a virtual environment. And, he shares some of the innovative strategies that he and Picnic Health have tried to promote lasting relationships, that allows him to connect with his team and promote relationships between team members while making an effort to create a meaningful and connected workplace. 

Listen to find out: 

  • How his personal family history influenced his commitment to healthcare.
  • Why taking the time to have deeply personal conversations with our employees is a critical team leadership skill in the virtual world.
  • And what strategies he recommends to flatten the hierarchy and promote values-based decision-making at all levels of a healthcare organization!

I hope this conversation inspires you to consider your values and how you communicate what matters to you and your organization to your healthcare team. When our “why” is shared, we have the capacity to connect and create meaningful innovation.

My favorite quotable moment from this episode!

  • “I think what is important is modeling being vulnerable and real with people…that gives other members of the team impetus and space to do that as well…I want people to make mistakes, if we’re not screwing things up we’re probably not making a lot of progress, probably not taking enough risks.” 

Dr. Dan Drozd (Menders, episode 26)

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