Menders: Lead from Within with Dr. Nicola De Paul

27. How to master anxiety under pressure with Ramses Rodriguez

October 09, 2022 Dr. Nicola De Paul Season 1 Episode 27
Menders: Lead from Within with Dr. Nicola De Paul
27. How to master anxiety under pressure with Ramses Rodriguez
Show Notes

For Menders episode 27, I had the privilege to sit down and talk with Ramses Rodriguez, an anxiety master coach, who shared how we can learn to use anxiety as a tool when we allow ourselves to be 100% honest about how it’s serving us in our lives. 

In this episode, Ramses shares his journey from nurse’s assistant to master coach and the life lessons he’s learned along the way. Ramses combines evidence-based practices with holistic healing and coaching strategies to help high-performing individuals experience freedom from panic.

In healthcare, particularly high-pressure leadership roles, we don’t always cut ourselves slack, take breaks, or set necessary boundaries. And as Ramses so clearly articulates, many of us experience overwhelming anxiety (or panic) that begins to dictate our actions and limit our ability to perform at a high level or to fully live the lives we want to enjoy. 

As Ramses shares, anxiety is a red flag that is hard to miss and easy to respect and may just give us an easy out when we’re starting to violate our boundaries or values. But we can learn to use anxiety as a tool as we let go of its indirect benefits and begin to address our needs directly. 

Listen to find out: 

  • How Ramses has learned to “hack” his anxiety triggers by creating systems that help him set sustainable boundaries. 
  • Why taking the time to acknowledge the role anxiety plays in our lives can have a powerful healing impact.
  • And what strategies boost personal productivity without sacrificing well-being!

My favorite quotable moment from this episode!

“I can set a boundary easily if my default physiological symptom is a boundary…and if [anxiety] were a tool, how do we leverage that? …It’s helping me fulfill a need for a boundary.”

“Think of the high performer. We need an out, this is an easy way where our body says, ‘No more.’”

Ramses Rodriguez (Menders, episode 27)

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Once plagued by panic attacks himself, Ramses Rodriguez now helps individuals suffering from panic and anxiety with science-based and holistic modalities. Ramses holds a Master of Science degree in Developmental Genetics and combines science theory and alternative therapies to help people become panic-free while keeping the career of their dreams.

Ramses has written two books in the genre of anxiety relief. In his first book Stop Pressing Your Own Panic Button, Ramses details the process he leads professionals through to achieve lasting relief from Panic Attacks. In his second book, The End of Writer's block, Ramses addresses the most effective tools for overcoming performance anxiety.

He founded the Panic Freedom Academy, LLC, where he coaches professionals on how to overcome panic attacks!

Download your free copy of Stop Pressing Your Own Panic Button: