Menders: Lead from Within with Dr. Nicola De Paul

29. Leadership is simple with Michele Thomson

October 23, 2022 Dr. Nicola De Paul Season 1 Episode 29
Menders: Lead from Within with Dr. Nicola De Paul
29. Leadership is simple with Michele Thomson
Show Notes

Leadership is Simple, when you use a PERSON centered approach

I know you’ve read all the books about what to do differently to become a better leader, but Michele Thomson is here to tell us why we already have what it takes to be the leaders our teams and healthcare systems need. Our teams need leaders who are willing to engage in the tough business of relationships to keep them safe and build trust. Leadership is that simple. 

Listen to find out:

  • Why leadership is simpler than you think!
  • How Michele overcame a traumatic leadership experience to develop her model of leadership development
  • The simple (& powerful) ingredients of her PERSON-centered leadership model
  • What Michele has learned about the difference between being nice and being kind as a leader
  • And how cultural transformation is possible even in the bleakest cultural circumstances

My favorite quotable moment from this episode!

“I believe that as a leader I have two roles, it’s to keep people safe at work, physically and psychologically and it’s to build trust.” 

(Michele Thomson, Menders, episode 29)

Learn more about Michele Thomson, a leadership coach, consultant, and founder of Curis Consulting. Michele has been a direct healthcare provider and healthcare leader who specialized in geriatric specialty care settings. She has built upon her experience as a direct care provider to create a model of leadership and employee development based on the evidence-based principles that work in patient care. 

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