Menders: Love & Leadership in Healthcare

30. Healing burnout & moral injury through radical community with Dave Kopacz

October 30, 2022 Dr. Nicola De Paul Season 1 Episode 30
Menders: Love & Leadership in Healthcare
30. Healing burnout & moral injury through radical community with Dave Kopacz
Show Notes

Healing burnout & moral injury through radical community.

How do we put care back in healthcare?

How do we stop taking advantage of clinicians’ professionalism? 

These are just two of the essential questions raised by David Kopacz, MD. We’re all talking about well-being and how to address burnout more effectively. And if you’ve ever found yourself mired up to your eyeballs in self-care and still not making progress towards creating rejuvenation in your life, then this episode is a must-listen! 

Listen to find out:

  • What’s different between technicians
         and healers
  • Why moral injury applies to both combat Veterans
         & healthcare providers 
  • How burnout got its start as an organizational
  • Why doing more to care for ourselves and our
         teams is not always the answer to addressing burnout
  • Why community is the true solution to burnout in

My favorite quotable moment from this episode!

“The antidote would be, how do we bring caring back in?” 

(David Kopacz, Menders, episode 30)

David Kopacz, MD is a doctor, author, and artist. David inspires healthcare professionals to become medicine while engaging in our daily work and grabbling with challenges such as burnout, moral injury, and social alienation. His work brings together the full humanness of clinicians and the people we work to heal to create renewal within the healthcare system. 

Stay Tuned! Menders season two will highlight women leaders in healthcare as they bring their unique perspectives to addressing challenges with employee burnout and cultural challenges. Keep an eye out for sneak peeks and video highlights from a truly inspiring group of women leaders. The new season of Menders will drop in January 2023!

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