Menders: Lead from Within with Dr. Nicola De Paul

Create employee engagement using internal messaging with Carley Trotman

March 05, 2023 Dr. Nicola De Paul Season 3 Episode 15
Menders: Lead from Within with Dr. Nicola De Paul
Create employee engagement using internal messaging with Carley Trotman
Show Notes

Engage your Employees by Prioritizing Internal Communication.

Carley Trotman is the founder of The CarTam Project. She’s a communication strategist, a cake lover, expat in the South of France. She brings a wealth of experience working with healthcare organizations on organizational communication and internal messaging to promote employee engagement. 

Carley started her company to leverage her expertise as an internal communications specialist and employee engagement point person for organizations. Healthcare organizations have a unique opportunity to consider their internal customers (employees). Healthcare has traditionally looked at its external customers (patients and payors) and ignored what it can do to shape employees’ experiences through its messaging intentionally. So, take a moment to let go of the day-to-day business operations of your healthcare organization and consider what you can do to engage and retain your employees from day one of the employee journey.

Carley Trotman has organizational messaging tips that you need to hear!

Listen to find out:

  • Why thinking about the employee journey is critical 
  • When you need to start messaging your team about big changes
  • Why quick decisions and last-minute communication contribute to turnover in healthcare 
  • How you can turn around employee engagement by changing your messaging strategy
  • And why croissants are better in France!

Bio: Carley Trotman is a Communications and Employee Experience specialist. She is the founder of the CarTam project and she is a thoughtful change agent. She is deeply committed to understanding what employees care about - their motivations and the challenges that inhibit their ability to change, as the catalysts for identifying opportunities to strengthen their engagement with the organization.

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